Joie de Vivre the adventure begins

A final few days of provisioning the boat we were off for a 2 sojourn in the Cotswolds. Pretty villages, a church with Anne Boleyn’s christening cup and Roman ruins keep us  entertained until the Wednesday morning and our launch. Once we saw her kiss the water it was off to Waitrose for the final provisions. In the afternoon we had a trial motor down the river and then she was ours to create new adventures!

On the truck
A trail drive down the river

Originally we thought we would venture up river but changed our minds and headed towards Henley. Easy cruising with only 3 locks with very helpful lock keepers made our first day a breeze.

Champagne on our back deck!

After days of endless sunshine, the weather broke and the rains came. We stayed snug and dry in our boat and even got the chance to try out the heating, yes it works. Needless to say the weather did not encourage us to venture out on the Thames so our second day was spent at rest, Reading and finishing those little jobs that help make a boat a home.

At last the rain cleared and we had another day of motoring. We saw another Piper boat heading up stream. We exchanged greetings with Proper Job, who was launched 10 days before us. Tonight we are tied up along side a Dutch barge owned by a couple from the Dutch Barge Association, who Peter has been corresponding with over the last year. Our first visitors!

One of the ancient piles along the river
Peter has his flags up!

After a lovely night with Caroline and Andy Soper, and a great wealth of information we headed back down the river, arriving at Windsor. We were lucky enough to get a single mooring just past the pedestrian bridge, before the next lock. Well all I can say is that we are back with the tourists. Walking through the town I don’t think I heard a word of English spoken! And you should have seen the queue to get into the castle. I’ll check it out tomorrow, but Windsor Castle may have to be crossed off the list.

Today was also my first on board thermomix creation. Pumpkin soup


Firing up the thermomix!

Yes Windsor castle is off the list. The next day the queue was around the castle. I may have missed my opportunity, as I could have visited when I was over here for work a few years ago, in February and could have walked straight in the door!

The flag on the castle was up, indicating the Queen was at home. I’m sure she pecked out the window and glanced across the river to admire a pretty little boat moored below!

But now we must get on with the job. We need to have 40 hours on the engine so it can be serviced before we cross the channel. So it was onto Staines and then to Kingston. At Kingston we moored next to the Hampton palace gardens with another Piper boat! Anticus was launched a few months before Joie de Vivre. Yes it was after dinner drinks with Martin and Nicola exchanging information and ideas. Sometimes it seems as though you just haven’t bought a boat but also gained a whole new group of friends.

I can’t believe that we have been to n the water for nearly a week. The boat is just perfect, my only real issue is drying sheets, but I’m sure I’ll find a better remedy in time.

Another Puper
Coming down the Thames
Relaxing after a hard days work

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