Back to Croatia part 2

Sunset over the habour at Sibenik

From Ploce to Stari Grad, not a breath of wind, clear sunny skies and a swim stop along the way to immerse ourselves in the sparkling clear waters of the Adriatic. Lying on a lounge on the back deck, reading a book I can’t remember when life has been so relaxing.

My day bed!

Stari Grad is a small town with a great harbour, which filled up with various size boats and yachts by the late evening. We left our explore of the town until after 4 in an attempt to avoid the afternoon heat. The highlight was a local poets house built in the 15th century, and constructed around a pool and a renaissance garden.

The poets renaissance garden in Stari Grad
A new friend

Another day and another port, this time Trogir. This town is famous for its Venetia architecture and yes, another Croatian town that features in Game of Thrones. While my travelling companions explored the town, I went to the hairdressers for a much needed tidy up  with the bonus a a little local gossip. Well worth the $60 for a colour and blow wave,

Arriving in Trogir
In the port of Trogir

All too soon we were at sea again. As we travel further north there seems to be a lot more traffic on the water, but the crew had a surprise in store for us. On the way to Siibenik we stopped off for lunch and a swim, but today lunch was served while we floated around in the water! It was not without a little difficulty that you balanced a glass of wine as you flopped around in the wash from passing boats.

We admired this yacht sailing up the coast
Lunch is served

Arriving in Sibenik we were assailed by a hot gusty wind, which forced us to retreat into the air conditioned comfort of the boats lounge. We can sit here incognito as the darkened windows do not allow the passerbys to look in. Great spot for people watching!

Our next adventure was a ride on the tender to Skrandin, then a trip further up the river to the Krka National Park and it’s beautiful water falls. After an hours walk around the falls we swam in the pools to cool down. Words really don’t express the beauty of these falls, so I will include a few pictures.

A view of the falls with the swimming holes below
At the top of the falls
So many fish in the pools

Back to Sibinek, a little shopping and a barbecue dinner on the top deck completed our second last day in what I can only describe as heaven.

Dinner on the top deck

Our final destination was Split and after a swim stop we arrived at the marina a little out of town. Split is famous for the most complete Roman ruins in the world, and we were lucky enough to employ a guide that bought them to life for us. Instead of being locked up in a museum these ruins are part of a bustling vibrant city and although packed with tourists it did not seem as overwhelming as Dubrovnik. Definitely a town to visit and yes I would return here.

Our final night on Beyond Capricorn, and though sorry to leave the resort life we were returning to the uk and completing the final touches on our boat and the launch on Wednesday morning!

Diocletian’s tomb that is now a church
Farewell to Beyond Capricorn







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