Back to Croatia

The bombed remains in Mostar

After deciding that we probably would not visit the Balkans again (not realty a canal boat destination) here we are again cruising the Adriatic, this time from Dubrovnik to Split on Geoff McGearys 80ft, 4 story motor boat. If you have ever wandered along a dock on the med wondering what like life would be like cruising from port to port in absolute luxury, I have to tell you it’s not too shabby!

we joined the boat at Dubrovnik and cruised up the coast to the medieval town of Korcula. This is a mini Dubrovnik, with fewer tourists but quite a few big cruisers in port.

Back in Dubrovnik. Very hot and the queue behind Peter is waiting to walk the wall in 30 degree plus heat
At the dock in Korcula
On the back deck

The following day we returned to the walled city of Ston. Too hot to walk the walls we retired to the top deck to read, enjoy the sun and of course swim in the crystal clear waters. Tough life!! That evening after dinner of oysters and duck we enjoyed an uninterrupted view of the red moon spectical.

Beyond Capricorn in the harbour at Ston
A view of the red moon

Instead of being awakened early the next morning our captain left Ston just as dawn was breaking, arriving in Ploce just in time for a leisurely breakfast, followed by a car trip to Mostar.

Ploce is just a port surrounded need by communist style apartments. Nothing to recommend this destination. I’m sure you have heard of Mostar with its high bridge that young boys jump off for entertainment. The bridge was destroyed by the Croats during the war and rebuilt in 2004. Add a kilometre of  a winding, cobbled, medieval street  bordered each side by tourist shops, a renaissance Turkist house and a few old mosques that that is Mostar.

The bridge at Mostar
The crowded bridge
The bombed remains in Mostar




2 responses to “Back to Croatia”

  1. Hi Karen, What a tough gig, have fun it looks wonderful. Love Jill ⛴


  2. Hi Aunty Karen, Looks like you are having a good time. Boat looks amazing and so glad they you are sharing it with me. Enjoy Love Paige xxxxxxxx

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