Joie de Vivre, the rhythm of life

Nearly 2 weeks on the water and we have slipped into a comfortable pattern. After showers I get breakfast, and then a quick tidy up and it’s out on the river, Peter driving (though I am getting a few training goes at it) and me navigating. Cafe lattes late morning and lunch on the go a few hours later. Then it’s time to find a mooring for the night. We have been incredibly lucky in this aspect.  Tonight we are moored at Wallingford and the man off the boat moored in front of us told me he had been trying to get a mooring in this town for 2 months, but kept on missing out.

If we are in or near a town we go for an explore, with a special focus on the antique shops and charity shops, where a few bargains have been found, then perhaps a drink at the pub and a restock at the supermarket. Mostly we eat on board. After a few months of restaurants it’s nice to have some plan fare.

No need to watch the tv. We were entertained with a yacht race, the course alongside our boat

Our first visitors were Kathy and Alan, who stayed for one night. Long enough to give the stamp of approval on the guest bedroom and bathroom.

Our first visitors
Dinner on board
Farewell to our first guests

The furthest we can motor up the Thames is to Oxford and Follys bridge. We spent 2 days at Abingdon and had our motor serviced and a few little prickly things fixed, then it was on to Oxford and the museums. Peter was in seventh heaven in the science museum, so many astrolabes!

we are now turning around and heading back down the river with a booking to cross the channel on 3rd September, weather permitting

One response to “Joie de Vivre, the rhythm of life”

  1. Hi Karen, the boat looks amazing and I look forward to hearing about the crossing. Have fun xx


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