Rambling in Switzerland and the boat update

Hot in Zurich, hot in Lucerne, thunderstorms but still hot in Basel. We originally travelled north to enjoy cooler weather but the weather gods were against us. Wandering around Zurich in 30 degrees was not pleasant, at least our hotel room was air conditioned.  In Lucerne it was even hotter, but no air conditioning. So we escaped up  Mt. Pilatus to enjoy a fresh breeze and majestic scenery. Then out onto the lake for a different view.

Peters favourite restaurant in Zurich
Dinner and drinks
The flea market in Zurich. Anyone need a silver spoon?
Cable car up Mt. Pilatus
I climbed to the top, 7,000ft

We decide to take the path that lead to the top of the mountain, which was dotted with wild flowers. Only a 40 minute walk, but when the incline became steeper Peter bailed out.  Bravely I went on and was rewarded with a breathtaking view.


A stroll through the old town the next day along with a thousand of our closest friends completed our visit to Lucerne.

Interestingly most of the tourists in Switzerland are Chinese, which you would expect, but also a lot of Indians.

A lot of tourists in a small park with a lion sculpture
Lunch by the bridge

Next stop Basel, which was a trip down memory lane for Peter. Each year, for almost 30 years he came to the fair here to purchase jewellery.  This time he came as a tourist to see the sights.

But now to our boat. We received a new batch of photos today and she is starting to look like OUR BOAT. We are counting the days until we are happily ensconced on our Joie de Vivre.

Just love the colour!!

A few views of inside

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