The 8 metre worlds

After 4 days in Vienna, immersing ourselves in culture we took a 6 hour train ride across Austria into Germany and the 8 metre worlds.


Klimt up close
And Bruegel

We arrived in the small town of Langenargen and after descending from the train, much to Peter’s horror there was not a taxi to be found. The preferred transport in this part of the world is a bicycle. After a few calls we finally convinced our hotel to send a car, but the mould was set. If we wanted to reach the harbour that was sheltering the 8 metres the following day we needed to hire bikes!!!

Peter and his bike

I don’t think I need to say anything about how we felt looking at a flock of beautiful 8 metre yachts. But it wasn’t just the yachts. As most don’t have a motor they have a tender to assist them. Even the race committee boat was a sight to behold!493F21E5-06B9-4664-92B2-5BD6F59B9F0C

On the dock
Saskia’s tender
Race committee boat!!! We need one of these for the classics

We spent our 2 days chatting to yachties and admiring boats. I even managed to encourage Peter into a 2 hour bike ride to the next town along the lake (Freidricheshaven). I think that covers his exercise for the next 6 months!


With a purchase of a 2018 International 8 metre cap we left the boats to their racing and travelled to Zurich. We are just wandering at the moment. The lastest info on the barge is that it will not be ready until the weekending 20th July. But no date is confirmed🙁

A view of the lake
Running repairs on the rig
It’s a tight squeeze to moor the yachts
Coming into the habour with an 8 sailing in the background



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