Travelling North

Segway fun
Segway fun in Belgrade

Unfortunately the Balkans are not home to an efficient railway system, so we were forced to fly from Tivat to Belgrade. I have to report their airport at Tivat is seriously lacking. Image your worst experience at Melbourne airport and multiply it by 10 and you have Tivat airport. Mega queues at every check point, then no seats in the waiting lounge.

Next stop Belgrade, a city at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers with an interesting history. Due to its location, over the centuries, it has been fought over and conquered 44 times. Last bombed by NATO forces in 1999; it boasts a mishmash of architectural styles, Russian style concrete blocks interspersed with Neo Classical, Art Deco and Art nouveau buildings.

The highlight of our visit was a 3 hour segway tour of the city. Just the best way to travel!!!
Below views of Belgrade.

After 3 nights we flew onto Ljubljana. To avoid the next airport queue, after spotting a sign at the checkin, for families with children and the elderly requiring assistance, Peter pulled out his walking stick and hobbled up to the counter. No waiting this time!!! We even had time for a coffee and a FaceTime call with Georgie before boarding our flight.

Ljubljana is a pretty medieval town surrounded by alps and overlooked by a castle. Part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire until 1919 it has hints of Salzburg in both its architecture and cobbled streets. Strolling the city was the order of the day, with a trip on the funicular to the castle thrown in. Unfortunately this castle has been modernised as a special events and wedding venue, so little history here.

The weather was unseasonably hot, and after 2 days of heat we left Ljubljana in the rain bound for Vienna.


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