From the Adriatic to the Bay of Kotor

Leaving Budva there was not a breath of wind. Anna (one of the ladies on the boat) snd I sat on the duckboard with a dark aqua waters of the Adriatic ticketing our toes while we motored up the coast to Bigova. A small town with a dock and a restaurant. Ideal anchorage, good wifi and a delicious seafood meal.

The wind came in the next day, so we started a race up the coast, until a warning came over the emergency channel of a servere storm up north heading our way. The race was abandoned and we made for the safety of the Bay of Kotor, arriving at the Marrina of Montenegro. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it,

The view from the restaurant at Bigova
Infinity pool at the yacht club
View of the coastlines ne from Budva to Bigova
The rubble sh truck at Bigova????
In the Marrina
On the way to Kotor
The Bay of Kotor
The bay of Kotor
Last last lunch on board

677C883A-3EED-4C29-8564-544293AE6C4BKotor is known as a city of catsF598AD45-6645-4EC1-AB77-ABF855EA714Bthe storm did not eventuate so we walked into town instead. This is a luxury marrina boasting a boardwalk dotted with restaurants and designer boutiques. The yacht club has a huge infinity pool which you can enjoy for the princely sum of €30. As Peter would say I don’t know how they can do it for the price!

The predicted storm did arrive 24 hours later but is ferocity had decreased. Thunder, lighting and rain but no wind. We tried a race but abandoned it after about 15 minutes. Oh well that’s sailing in this part of the world!

Our final destination was Kotor and motoring into this port must rate as one of the most spectacular sites in the world. Photos cannot do it justice. Monsterous dark grey mountains seem to slide into the water dwarfing everything in sight. Such a grand view belongs in tales of epic legends.

The old city is surrounded by a wall snaking up the mountain and within the town there is a picturesque sight around every corner.

Tonight we farewell the yacht rally and our new and old friends. Peter and I have another day in Kotor to explore around the bay, but by land this time, before flying to Belgrade and another adventure.

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