Paris and the sales

So you may mistaken in think that a trip to Paris has nothing to do with yachts and barges, but I will have to correct this mistaken assumption.

Firstly, as my fashionista friend Margaret would know, you need the correct boating attire. Secondly a visit to Paris allowed us to assess the suitability of the basin at Arsenal to house our precious Joie de Vivre for a future visit to Paris

After a diversion to Mulhouse to look at  the museum that held an array of classic Bugatti’s it was to Paris for five days.

Peter enjoying the spectical of vintage cars

For all my friends who are bargain specialist, it seems to be more difficult each year to find that little tantalising morsel that is just right. However the shoes this year certainly made up for the disappointment in the clothing department.

Not even a €5 bargain could tempt me
Shopping at the kitchen shop in Les Halles

Unfortunately the basin at Arsenal is fully booked for this winter so we will need to find another home for our barge. Surprisingly there was a couple of Aussie boats in the basin, I’m sure we will find a few on the French canals!

The basin at Arsenal
From the port of Melbourne!

We left Paris at Gare de Nord on the Eurostar. Unfortunately there had been an electrical fault early in the morning resulting in cancelations and delays. Gare de Novo d was chaotic. Our train was luckily not cancelled, only delayed by two half hours. The joys of travel!!!

Our destination was Cowes on the Isle of Wight. With our train delay and then getting lost and caught in traffic driving out of London, we finally arrived at our hotel about 9pm.



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