Winners are Grinners

Yes race one, and we won!!!

Peter on the helm, me assisting all the none sailors. And for those who know Phil Beddington, from RBYC, he was second. As you can image, he was not happy that Peter beat him, so the challenge is on for the next race.

Our marina for the night was in front of a restaurant (Gastro Mare). Great meal and plenty of local wine.

Day 4 was slated as a leisure day, so we took a boat ride to Ston. I walked part of the 5.5kms of defensive wall. Views were just breathe taking. Peter saved his energy and had coffee in the square. Coffee served in a mug with a straw. Different!?

Back to the boat, and a lunch and swim stop , then onto the island of Sipan, or particularly Sipanska Luka. This is the most beautiful and historic habour boasting magnificent but derelict buildings, Roman ruins and lots of cats. The main fare in the restaurants is of course seafood, which I don’t think I will ever trier of.

Racing again across the channel between the mainland and the island of Mljet. The wind was contanstly shifting from on the beam to the aft of the beam. Very hard to trim to and although we were first across the line we were serverly handicapped to third place. ☹️

Our first port of call was Prozurska Luka. (Luka means port). We took a van along the island to the national park and then a local boat to the island monastery in the middle of the lake. Deciding to have a coffee in the restaurant we ran across the MacIntyres (friends from Rotary). They are on a small cruise boat with another 8 Rotarians so of course we walked over the hill to meet and have a drink with the group. The world seems a small place at times!!!

Prozurska Luka
A gathering of Rotarians
Meeting up with friends at the island monastery
Winners presentation
Beautiful harbour of Okukje


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