And Sailing we will go

An early morning flight from Stansted Airport bought us to Dubrovnik. Visually enchanting it’s beauty is spoilt by wall to wall tourists. The city is on the cruise ship route, need I say more?

While Peter struggled with the last few aspects for the barge specs with Pipers I walked the wall in the heat. In the afternoon we sat in a small bar perched on the side of a cliff , watching the locals leaping into the water from a great height, drinking Aperols.

After a relaxing afternoon we had a drinks party on the terrace of our hotel to meet our fellow sailors. The group on our yacht is 3 ladies, Peter and me. Peter will be quite at home sailing with an all girl crew!!

On Saturday we finally boarded our yacht, a fifty foot Jeaneau and packed away our provisions for the next two weeks. A short trip up the coast the next day bought us to a small island, where we anchored in the bay, for lunch and a swim. This afternoon we are racing to our next destination. Only 3 yatchs in the race so the worst we will do is third!!!


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