Stage One, Provisioning the Barge

We arrived at Heathrow last Saturday and drove straight up to Trysull to stay with Helen and Richard.

The objective of our time in the UK was to buy all the necessities to make our barge a home. I can liken this job to making a wedding list. We need everything. Two days of shopping (exhausting)and our goods are safely stored in Helen and Richards barn. Shopping for housewares in Birmingham is not as exciting as shopping during the sales at Galleries Lafayette.

On Tuesday we went to Piper Boats, to see our barge for the first time and then to sit with Joe and finalise all the specifications. That only took about 4 hours, but all outstanding items were addressed, including the upholstery and the blinds. Our launch date will be confirmed next week. I only hope it doesn’t move out too far.

On Wednesday we left our gracious hosts and drove to Stansted, stopping off for a late lunch and walk in Cambridge.

Tomorrow we are off to Dubrovnik, to sail down the Dalmatia coast.

One response to “Stage One, Provisioning the Barge”

  1. Hi Karen, Happy to see that you arrived safely. Can’t wait to follow you on you travels.


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