Croatia to Montenegro

We have arrived in Cavtat, which is about 20kms south of Dubrovnik. No wind so we motored past the fortified city walls of Dubrovnik before docking in Cavtat. This harbour is considered a border town between the two countries and although Montenegro uses the € as currency it is not part of the EU. On the other hand Croatia is part of the EU and has its own currency. Go figure that one out!!!

Our skipper Damer spent the afternoon chatting to the locals and discovered the Yacht Club of Montenegro was running a race the next day from Cavtat to Herceg Novi, exactly our direction. For the grand sum of €30 per boat, including dinner and drinks for 2 nights we entered the race. Lots of drinking and no dinner before the race. Throw in a storm at 2 in the morning which required re running of lines and we we not in the best shape to show off our Aussie sailing skills. The next day saw thunderstorms, rain, 2 meter sea and one moment a good breeze of 15 knots then no breeze at all. One of our crew was sea sick so after 5 hours of sailing we pulled out of the race and motored into port. After quite a difficult docking procedure, it was dinner and an early night for Peter and me.

The following day 5 of us hired a car and explored inland. Montenegro is a country of surprises. Only a small population (about 600,00), most of whom cluster in villages around the coast, the mountainous inland is spectacular. Glacial lakes, deep gorges and ski resorts, we all agreed that if we were blindfolded and parachuted in you would believe you were in Switzerland, minus the people! And lunch, two freshly caught river trout with salad for just over €5. That’s the cheapest meal I’ve ever had in Europe!!

Our next port of call is Budva and although we should be racing the wind has dropped to 2 knots on the nose. Not much to move a 50ft floating caravan. The unanimous decision is to motor along the coast high mountains descending into the sea with rocky bays hiding numerous pirate caves. I can visualise Odysseus sailing along this coast being pelleted by rocks thrown by giant cyclops.

Sailing past Dubrovnik

Our alternative skipper. Peter below sleeping off a big night out

Deep gorges

Glacial lake

The coast of Montenegro

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