We’re Back!

We finally arrived back at our Joie de Vivre after an epic journey via Singapore to Frankfurt then a train to Brussels and onto Brugge. The 8 hour stop over in Singapore was a trial and the flight to Frankfurt was an hour longer than expected, due to our path being diverted around Ukraine. Landing at 7.50am we made a mad dash through customs and baggage collection to catch the 8.30am train!

Flying over Ayer’s Rock

Our summer home was shipshape and ready for the cruising season. There was a minor hiccup when the tv satellite didn’t rise to the occasion, but following my son Nicks advice we lubricated the arms, and voila we had TV.

Leaving the mid Melbourne autumn was a shock to the system with the daytime temperature in Brugge 8 to 10 during the day and zero overnight.

After 3 days in Brugge we made our way down Ostend Ghent canal to the delightful city of Ghent. The tourists minus the Chinese are certainly back in this destination city in force. In fact the busy streets of maskless people belie the fact we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

There are a number of routes to take south on the canals when travelling from Belgium to France. We heard that there were some closures on the Dender River and we had previously taken the route through Brussels so we chose the route down the Upper Scheldt, first stop the town of Oudenaade.

We had visited Oudenaade last year, but this town had a few attributes that warranted a second visit. Firstly there is a great boulangerie around the corner from the harbour, for our daily treat of a fresh baguette and a croissant. Secondly a fabulous restaurant in a lovely old building, right on the town square and lastly, but no means lease a warehouse style supermarket that sells very drinkable bottles of wine at a Christian price.

Stocking up

Irrelevant notes from the captain to all of those interested in boating matters.

Our new solar panels are putting out 40 amps in full sun

The steering box has been replaced and the boat will now take the direction in which the helmsperson has set

8 responses to “We’re Back!”

  1. Fantastic Karen, I don’t need to travel when I am getting your blog!


  2. Love your posts!


  3. Oh how wonderful to be a part of your journey Peter and Karen..And you make me feel I am right there with you!!! Still warm here until 2 days ago when we had a beautiful gentle day and night of rain .Great for our gardens.We are just getting back into the swing of Melbourne as you fly away.We plan a trip to Kangaroo Is in May and an APT Kimberly cruise in June before we head up to Queensland.Aren’t we all so blessed.Keep well ,warm and wonderful.Our love ,Hele and Daisy xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Marion Nicholes Avatar
    Marion Nicholes

    So enjoy reading your blogs.
    Here in sunny Melbourne, Rob and I have Covid. Rob has been in Epworth hospital since last Sunday.
    Fortunately, we both have been given access to an antiviral medication to help us get through.
    Rob because of his leukaemia and me- because I have been admitted to hospital with asthma- 3 times in the past 17 months.
    The drugs have only become available in tablet form in the past three weeks.
    It has certainly been a journey we won’t forget. Keep having fun
    X Marion


    1. Sorry to hear you are not well❤️


  5. Great to hear your news,I really enjoy your blog it brings back happy memories.
    Enjoy and stay safe.Love Jill


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