Back to the Australian summer

I always feel a little sad leaving our Joie de Vivre to face the winter months alone, however with the cooler weather starting to bite it is time for these sallows to fly south.

After our little jaunt on some of the canals in central Belgium we returned to our winter mooring at Coupure in Brugge. Apart from the few last maintenance job, engine and generator service, a touch of painting and cleaning, when it wasn’t raining we explored the city and its surroundings a little further.

Our winter mooring in Coupure

Travelling a little further afield we rode our bikes to the medieval village of Damme. Yes after spending quite a fair part of our escape in Brugge I have become a bit of a local expert. Market days are Wednesday and Saturday. There is a great selection of unusual restaurants in the back streets, ( we only ever transverse the main square, never stopping at its tourist restaurants) and there is lots to discover in the local environs.

A stork nesting in Damme

More views of Damme

Smedenport defensive gate. The gate was breached when opened by a traitor. The traitor was beheaded and his head was nailed to the gate wall. Today there is a replica bronze skull, Look for the small dot on the left.
The tractors skull at Smedenport

But the days rushed past and all too quickly it was time to leave our water home and our friends, until next year.

I am writing my last entry of the year in the Cathay lounge in a deserted Hong Kong airport. The tourists have not returned and given a mandatory 21 days hotel quarantine Hong Kong is not the place to visit anytime soon.

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