Our last few weeks on the Thames

We have enjoyed our boating experiences on the Thames but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end, and new adventures await across the Channel.

We travelled up to Oxford with Helen stopping at our favourite moorings, in Sonning, (this is where George Cluney lives, but he wasn’t home), Wallingford and Abingdon. We have had typical spring weather, sun one day hail and sleet the next. The joy has been spotting the newly hatched chicks closely watched by doting parents.

Our few warranty issues have been addressed, and both the generator and motor serviced and we have a date for our crossing. We are slowly now heading to Teddington lock and plan to exit the lock on Monday 27th at 7.00am and, weather permitting, make the 140 mile dash to Dunkirk. And yes, in case you are enquiring, all the safety equipment is on board and checked, including a life raft!

Great to be back on board

Dinner on board

Lots of new families

Feeding the wildlife

After Helen left I had to pick up the gauntlet!

2 responses to “Our last few weeks on the Thames”

  1. Lovely to see your pictures, hope weather picks up soon. Enjoy your few days left in Uk and safe crossing to Dunkirk xx Jo and Leigh


  2. Angela Wharton Avatar
    Angela Wharton

    It’s great following your travels. Good luck with the channel crossing and enjoy your next adventures


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