Returning to our home on the water

After spending the six months of summer in Melbourne we are returning to Joie de Vivre and the Thames. Plans are to cruise the Thames for a few weeks before crossing the Channel to Europe.

On the way we stopped off in Sri Lanka for a fabulous birthday party on the beach at Galle, narrowly missing the terrible bombings of the churches and hotels on the 21st. While the carnage was erupting we were on the way to the airport. Our only inconvenience was a kilometre walk to the terminals and a number of bag and body searches. It was not until later that we discovered a pipe bomb had been found and diffused at the airport. We felt very lucky, but it was not our time. Next stop was Delhi and Jaipur for a little shopping. We had never visited India at this time of the year, very few tourists and VERY hot. 40 degrees plus every day.

Arriving at Shepperton Marina early on the 28th we immediately started work reorganising the boat. She had survived the winter well, no moisture or mildew, a bit dirty on the outside and a little swan shit. Nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t fix!

All systems working except the gas but with an electric oven and thermomix we will not starve. We were greeted by Martyn and Nicola from Aticus who kindly rehydrated us (tea only!) and took me shopping to stock up the fridge.Our first visitors for the season arrived, Helen Ward who will be with us for a few weeks and Elisabeth who stopped off for a few nights on the way to America.

Sailing in Australis
The Elephants in Sri Lanka



Amber fort in Jaipur
Finally drinks on the back deck



One response to “Returning to our home on the water”

  1. Wonderful to see you safe. Very much looking forward reading obout your adventures 🙂
    Love the elephants 😍


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