Our summer adventure 2023

Having survived a chilly Easter in Melbourne we looked forward to our return to Joie de Vivre and hopefully warmer climes. Alas our return didn’t herald the arrival of a balmy spring. One week in and with the exception of one day we have not experienced temperatures north of 10 degrees. Wow that’s cold!

Back on board

So that’s the weather, what about the boat……well, it took me about 4 hours with the pressure hose to banish the green mould on the roof and decks, then another 3 to clean the windows and black streaks on the cabin sides. Thankfully not as many spiders had taken up residence this year! Then the hot water failed. Peter has always boasted that we had 3 ways to heat hot water, via the engine, the boiler for the house heater and of course the 240 volt Emerson heater. The element in the Emerson heater blew, while the house heater boiler went out in sympathy. That left the engine, which as we were still in port had to be fired up each night. Thankfully we sourced a specialist who has now rectified our problem.

After 4 days in Brugge we were on our way, first stop Ghent

We are travelling to France with James and Julie their new puppy Colin who takes his cruising responsibilities very seriously.

4 responses to “Our summer adventure 2023”

  1. Teething problems only Karen and Peter!
    I’m back in the loop Karen, thanks for that, love the blog! Glenn


  2. Dear Karen and Peter,
    So good that your next adventure has already started…. and the warm weather will arrive soon.
    Wishing you a summer full of fun!
    🤗🤗 Dori


  3. Hi Karen & Peter, Great to hear you are there safely but sad you had all the hassles. I hope the weather warms up and you can enjoy your summer. Have fun, love Jill Xx
    PS. I love the dog


  4. Safe travels to you and Peter.Looking forward to hearing of your adventures!


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