And it rained!

Firstly I’m not complaining, it’s more a weather update from Belgium. But it has rained everyday, bar 3, since we arrived, making the most important accessory, an umbrella.

Boating in the rain

So now to an update on our journey. We are still in the grips of marine services. The engine instrument panel, which was shorting out has been replaced. We had an enforced wait to have the engine cooling system checked, but as it is too close to the water line, no repairs could be done. We were advised it was safe until next year, when we will slip the boat.

As I write we are in Zelzate, waiting for parts to fix the steering hydrolic oil reservoir, which was not correctly installed during the build. Oh well it’s only a boat

But back to our journey. We spent 4 days in Ghent. The crowds had not diminished so we steered clear of the tourist sites. There was a visit to the best chip shop in the world, dinner out one night, a walk around the flower market and of course a little shopping

Best chips in the world
Dinner at Domestica in Ghent
The flower market

I found the Twinset shop. Plenty to choose from here!

Leaving the old city of Ghent, we travelled north along the Ghent Temeuzen canal and into the industrial area.

And of course the big commercial barges

We diverted off the main canal to the smaller Moer canal and the picturesque mooring at Spanjeveer marina. Although we were just an arms length from the commercial port, this canal wound by meadows and farms and the well provisioned town was only a 15 minute bike ride away.

Relaxing at Spanjeveer marina

Our current mooring at Zelzate marina is just off the main canal and though it is a forced stop to wait for the marine engineers I am happy we are safely locked away. The rain has come again and it is blowing 15 to 20 knots. Not a good day to navigate!

A view from the wheelhouse.

The marina was originally part of the old canal, which was abandoned when the new commercial canal was built. This was the old customs house, which is now an empty B&B, obviously a victim of the pandemic

3 responses to “And it rained!”


    Hi Karen and Peter, am loving your posts. It’s ages since we were together and I am missing you. So pleased for you that you are back in the middle of your barge adventures.


  2. Marion Nicholes Avatar
    Marion Nicholes

    Hi Karen and Peter
    Hope the weather picks up- enjoy your travels. Lockdown continues along with a curfew.
    We had some lovely weather over the weekend.
    We caught up with Mandy and John with their dogs- at the park- so good to see them
    Poor Jill is suffering some side effects from the radiation- I took her to hospital last week


  3. Hi Karen and Peter, Looks good even if the weather is not all good.Enjoy and stay safe. Jill


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