A week in Brussels

The only mooring in Brussels is at the Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club, and unlike our previous moorings, it is not in the centre of town. But conveniently there is a tram stop just outside the club that whips you into the centre in about 15 minutes.

The population of Brussels is about 1.2 million and mostly French speaking. It has a cosmopolitan feel, with very wealthy neighbourhoods adjacent to very poor areas with homeless sleeping rough. And of course being the capital there are lots of tourists.

We spent our first day getting our bearings, organising a tram ticket and purchasing Margaret’s train ticket for her onward journey.

The grand place, one of the most beautiful in Europe
Found this fabulous Art Deco bar on one of our walks

Brussels not only offers the usual tourist musts but also, if you do a little research, a great variety of art Nouveau and Art Deco destinations.

These destinations of course required a bit of walking, so we certainly saw a lot of the city via foot.

Coffee in the grand place an eye watering €9 for 2 and not that good

We missed the start of the Tour de France by 1 day
A tourist must do

Horta house

De Van Buuren house

Yes there was a lot of walking but a lot of eating and drinking as well. We have sampled all the delicacies of Belgium, beer, mussels, meatballs, fries and chocolates. Can’t believe I drank beer, but I must admit that the fruit beers are rather nice!

All too soon it was time to farewell Margaret. We are now restocked (found a supermarket not too far away,),and waiting for the Assenseur Funiculaire de Steph Thieu to reopen after some maintenance. Hopefully this will be on Monday 15th, but I will keep you posted.

6 responses to “A week in Brussels”

  1. Hi Karen,

    Loved reading this it sounds so good and would be loving that trip. You will miss Marg, you have done so much together. Photos are great, thanks for sharing.

    Do you have any clues what your plans are for 2020? When you do, I would love to know so I might be able to sort out some plans for next year.

    Keep in touch, and someone asked me about a dress maker in Melboure, and I remembered your lady. Can you share her phone number please.

    Love Helenxxxx

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Murray Cowdell Avatar
    Murray Cowdell

    Great photos. Just enjoy the weather as in Melbourne is has been crap


  3. Looks fabulous girls. What a party you have had! Brussels looks beautiful along with the weather. Well done Peter, Karen and Margie !! xxx.


  4. Alan and Kathy Avatar
    Alan and Kathy

    looks fabulous! Margaret seems to have got you out to some fabulous Art Deco venues! Keep enjoying! Love, Alan and Kathy


    1. But peter found the Art Deco


  5. Angela Woodman Avatar
    Angela Woodman

    Looks like you and Marg had lots of fun together. Great photo’s. We are enjoying the WhitSundays on SummerWind.


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